Our Team

Rich Aponte

Head Coach and Co-Owner

Rich was introduced to CrossFit in 2011. However he has been active in the world of fitness and sports since high school. High school wrestling and gymnastics. Now, thanks to CrossFit, in his 40’s he’s feeling better than ever. Stronger and faster than in his 20’s.

Rich earned his L-1 certificate in 2014 and has been helping others achieve their goals through personal training for years. Through discipline he has maintained a standard of excellence.

“Knowledge only multiplies when shared”



Lisa McCarthy


At the age of 12, Lisa was diagnosed with a degenerative disease of the spine. She spent years doing physical therapy with no result. As an adult, she suffered years of pain and it was recommended she succumb to a full body brace for the rest of her life. Her unstable spine, would never get better and a 12 level fusion was her only alternative for a pain free life.

Against these recommendations, Lisa took a leap of faith on her own and decided to try to get stronger. Upon meeting Richie, a CrossFit Certified Trainer, she took it slow and started to do a modified version of CrossFit. Richie was very aware of Lisas’ issue and made sure every move was with consideration and caution. CrossFit is easily adaptable to meet every person’s ability. After working with Richie for a few months, she feels great strength and relief in so many ways! Because of this strong belief in CrossFit, she decided to open a business with her trainer Richie. She still does a modified version and wants others to know that you DON’T have to be the best athlete to start CrossFit! You just have to want to be the best that YOU can be and there is never to be a comparison, everyone’s story and history is different. But if you WANT to improve yourself, our gym is the place to start.